Sunlight Shining Through Cloud

About the blog’s name

Sunlight Shining Through Cloud.  Why not ‘a’ cloud; or ‘the’ cloud?  Wouldn’t that be more linguistically correct?  Yes to both.  But this blog’s title is not intended to be a sentence; it is a title.

There are at least two ways to look at this title.  You could say that sunlight shining through cloud represents hope and possibility amidst the storms of life.  That’s true, I guess, but it sounds a bit Pollyanna-ish to me.  You could say that sunlight shining through cloud represents God’s presence in the world amidst its turbulence.  That, too, is true.  But it sounds a bit heavy to me.

Sunlight Shining Through Cloud is the title of a song written by my favorite musician, Mike Oldfield.  The song begins with a spoken first verse of “Amazing Grace.”  You’ll recall that this all-time classic hymn was written by John Newton, an eighteenth-century sea-captain involved in the transportation of  slaves from Africa to England.  After that verse – spoken as if in Newton’s voice – comes the first verse of an entirely new song which is sung by a woman among the slaves in the bowels of his ship.  She wants freedom but has little hope.  She yearns for “sunlight shining through cloud.”

I know few people who aren’t awestruck by “Amazing Grace” in any of its iterations.  This is certainly true of me.  So I was surprised when I first heard its words in a song by a secular artist: Oldfield.  It got my attention.  Then came the woman’s cry.  I was deeply moved by her perspective, and taken with the sense Oldfield made of things by weaving the songs together.  I’ve heard this African/Gospel-influenced song many many times now, and am still impressed by its artistry.

This blog’s commentaries will deal with the subjects of the day; some funny, some serious.  If the latter, I write to give perspective in the hope that it might add to the knowledge of the reader, thereby informing the reader to better decision-making.  I write with the hope that a better world can be crafted by us all, and I choose to be cautiously optimistic.  Let there be sunlight shining through cloud.

Sunlight Shining Through Cloud Mike Oldfield  Album: Millennium Bell   c.1999

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