Sunlight Shining Through Cloud

About me

I’ve been writing a blog for a couple of years now.  ElderBlog is a narration of my parents’ lives in old age.  I’m their caregiver.  Pop died in August of 2010.  Among the many impacts – personal and practical – is that his passing removed at least half of the potential material about which to write.  Mom is doing fabulously in her Independent Living setting.  How she got there is actually an amazing story. But if I wrote a blog post about her every day, it would probably say something like: “Mom’s doing fine.”  End of post.  Boring.

The good news is that Mom is doing fine.  The bad news is that a writer has to write.  I will continue to post on ElderBlog as events warrant, but there are many other thoughts in my head that I’m not too embarrassed to share with the wide wide world.

I’m Fred Marx,  a retired city boy now living in the beautiful Colorado Rockies with my beloved wife and two cling-y cats. My interests include journalism, writing, domestic and international politics and theology. One of these days, I’m gonna take my vast accumulation of knowledge about Tiny House construction, and I’m gonna design and build me one. I swear it!

ElderBlog has a purpose: to provide information and empathy to caregivers around the world.  This blog – Sunlight Shining Through Cloud – is a cornucopia of purposes.  It is, I hope, good thinking and excellent writing.

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