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Beholding The Beauty

Posted on: April 11, 2012

I am a product of the big city. I frequently (not-so-jokingly) say that I like bus fumes and skyscrapers. I once worked for a man who grew up on a farm. For him, nothing smelled sweeter than cow dung, and the sight of a distant red barn made him feel all warm inside. He always hated his trips to New York, and it took me a full six years to warm up to his cow-barn Green Bay WI. But I did, ultimately, adapt. And then he transferred me to Minneapolis.

I’ve probably made too much of the fact that The Oil Patch will be an acquired taste, but it’s an issue I have to deal with every day. And it’s something I have to overcome because this is the opportunity available to me now and I intend to fully capitalize on it. It’s probably my last shot before retirement.

So, I’ve taken little trips: explorations of my surroundings; searches for beauty. Allow me to share.

We’ll start near home. The heart of Sidney Montana is a mere two miles from the banks of the mighty Yellowstone River. (Click to enlarge.)

The placid Yellowstone on a Sunday afternoon

Note the massive rock formation on the other side. This is a hint of “The Badlands:” a geological feature in fair supply around these parts.

The view toward the confluence with the Missouri River.

Some stumps speak for themselves.

There's plenty of wildlife here, though I have - thus far - seen only the roadkill variety. But I have seen sheep before shearing.

But mostly, it’s the northern “Plains;” so-called because the landscape is, well, plain. This is what I see in abundance every day.

Yes, it's beautiful.

Call me weird…but after days-on-end of rolling plains, this is an oasis in the desert.

The brand-new Bakken Buffet on Hwy 85 just east of SH 68 in McKenzie County ND. The food is fabulous. Lots of semi parking.

And Pat and Shanelle, mother and daughter, help bring warmth to the cockles of every heart. How could they not? They’re from New York!

Nature is nice. But it's always good people who make a place feel like home.

3 Responses to "Beholding The Beauty"

Loved the blog! And the Buffet looks like a perfect reprieve from the fast food circuit.

It looks beautiful Fred, have you tried any fishing? Take care out there! (So how was the food?)

I’m not much for outdoor sports. But you did finally cajole me into an ice shack with Gerald and Lisa once, so I figure I’m okay.

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