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All’s Well That Smells Well

Posted on: February 28, 2012

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7° below zero. Damn. This was going to be the day on which I said only positive things about my new environment. But as I scraped the windshield early this morning, a list did begin to develop in spite of my frozen fingertips. We’ll start with the weather.

As this is being written, a huge storm is walloping all parts of North Dakota except my part: the far northwest corner. Perhaps Mother Nature is showing mercy to the many who labor out in the elements. But she didn’t forget us entirely. As I approached Williston from the southwest this morning, I entered a sort-of fog, sort-of low cloud cover. The effect was to trap and concentrate the emissions of our industry at breathable level. It stunk. It stung the eyes. People talked all day about their heightened sensitivities and allergies. By the end of the day, even I was feeling a bit heavy-chested and headache-y.

But this is a positive post. At least we didn’t get a foot of snow.

I continue to enjoy life at the office. My new compadres are helpful, supportive and encouraging. I finish each day feeling as if I’ve learned something useful. Today provided two such somethings and I got to visit the friendliest of our landowners yet. Most of them are nice. Occasionally, I am warned, so-and-so isn’t. But I’m doing just fine with the so-and-so’s, so that’s positive, too.

I did a routine intake with the medical arm of the Veterans Administration here today. I will admit that my expectations were low. So you can imagine my pleasure upon discovering a small, clean facility staffed by great people and a wonderful Nurse Practitioner. Positive.

About four weeks worth of crud has accumulated on my little car. While that bothers me a lot, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else: their vehicles are at least as dirty as mine. It’s impossible to keep anything clean with the barrage of dust and dirt continually assaulting us. Well, I finally found Simonson’s Car Wash today. It’s one of only three car washes in this wall-to-wall trucks town. While I had to pay more than I wanted to, I was pleased with the result, and even more pleased with the two young attendants who seemed genuinely happy and were good at their jobs. And they reacted as if no one had ever tipped them before. Very positive.

A quick stop at the grocery store on the way home. I’m a sucker for any new kind of potato chips and tonight I spotted new Lay’s Limón Chips. Anything lime is an automatic favorite for me. Lime tortilla chips have graced my palate for decades. So this was a no-brainer buying decision. Here… I’ll open the bag and try them right now – – –

– – – oh my god, these things are AWFUL !

And it had been such a positive day.

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