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Spiking The Pictorial Football

Posted on: May 6, 2011

It’s been days now and we’re still buzzing about the release of gruesome photographs.  Despite the official decision to not release, some pics are floating around cyberspace; most of them fabrications.  I hope we never see the real pictures.  I think the president rightly said, “We don’t need to spike the football.”

All of this brings to mind that there are so many beautiful images to look at, and good people with the ability to capture them.  I’ve framed a picture or two in my career, and I feel qualified to judge a great shot from the merely good.  And it is rare when someone else’s work takes my breath away.  [All photographs in this post are used with the permission of the photographer.]

My nephew Michael is one of those ‘someone elses’.  He’s quite a gifted photographer, as you will easily see here:

Blazen-Rail-Lines Photo credit: Michael J. Peters

To me, that’s a ‘Wow’ picture.  Michael, in turn, posted someone else’s picture to his Facebook page.  Look at this:

4/ Photo credit: Sara Montour

I’m a sucker for a good cloud shot.  But if you go to Sara Montour’s web gallery, you’ll see the work of someone who knows depth, color and focus.

Anthony and Caroline Beard are two of my favorite people.  Both are extremely talented artists.  I’ve known them since forever, and I can remember the first time Caroline looked seriously at a camera.  Allow me to showcase one of her recent works:

Hollywood Theater, Minneapolis Photo credit: Caroline Beard - Popular Content

One more.  Lisa and I had the good fortune to secure the talents of our friend Jolene Bertrand for our wedding photography.  Every shot in our album turned out fabulously.  But Jolene does so much more than weddings.  Check this out:

The cutest girl in the world. Photo credit: Jolene Bertrand - Avalon Photography

So if you’re wondering what a certain coal-hearted someone looks like today, think closer to home.  You’re surrounded by all manner of beauty.  Never to be seen in a newspaper.  Always to be warmed by your heart.

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