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Incongruity 101

Posted on: March 27, 2011


Domino's Delivers

We’ve all seen it; the pimply-faced kid driving a beater with a lit-up Domino’s sign affixed to the roof.  The car spews thick clouds of smoke as it chugs up the street toward your driveway, and you wonder: “How does this kid make any money for all the gas and oil he must be pumping into that car?”

Today I saw the strangest thing.  A brand new dealer-tags-still-on-it white hybrid Toyota Prius with a Domino’s sign on top pulled up to the house across the street.  My first impulse was to fall on the floor laughing.  Then my better angel said, “Wait a minute.  This car probably travels only on local streets at 35mph or less.  So it’s burning no gas and, because it’s new, is emitting no particulate matter from its tailpipe.”  My darker angel said, “It’s probably his dad’s car.”  My better angel said, “This kid is a genius.  We should all learn from him.”


My good friend Steve Young-Burns wrote this story on his Facebook page today.  It speaks for itself.  [Reprinted with permission.]

Ray’s Indian Mini Restaurant.  Crabby American diner waitress, cramped plastic booths, long-haul drivers lingering at the counter over bad coffee in a 24-hour truck stop near Baldwin, WI…and the best Indian food we have had (“in the states,” says Julie).               Me: “We want to try the Indian food.”  Waitress: “Oh…you want THAT menu.”  They had Friday fish fry, potato latkes, and incredible Indian food.  This was the strangest eating experience since Twin Peaks.  “Damned fine plate of vegie korma, ma’am.”


Why do damp cloths pick up wet spills faster than dry cloths?


How do they make the baby talk on those commercials?  C’mon! Babies don’t talk.


Why do disgraced politicians, preachers (etc.) re-appear bigger than before?


Incongruity in pictures.  (Click to enlarge.)


Is it ironic that linguistics intellectuals cannot agree on the difference between irony and incongruity?

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