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Posted on: March 5, 2011

My baby sister

My baby sister – who gets the last word in every conversation – hates the name of my blog.  “Sunlight Shining Through Cloud is too esoteric,” she said.  “Fine”, I said.  “You come up with a name that hasn’t already been used.”  And, of course, she couldn’t.

While I cannot tell who is reading SSTC, I can tell how many are reading any given post or page.  I’ve written about the reasoning behind this blog’s name and a large number of you have read the explanation.  And (perhaps) having read it, an increasing number of  people are coming to read the blog.  But I shouldn’t assume.

So I’m going to throw it out to you.  What should a blog about popular, timely, deeply observational, witty and philosophical topics be called?   War and Peace has already been taken, so we need to come up with something new.


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With all due respect to your Baby Sister (whom I love dearly), as your wife, I believe I should have the final say. I say don’t change it.

Hi Fred:
A name popped in my head wilst preparing for a Bible study today.
You could call the blog:
Light & Salt
See Matthew 5:13-16

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