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Bad Buying Decisions(?)

Posted on: February 18, 2011

My father once bought a Dodge Neon because he liked the TV commercial.  This he did without consideration of the fact that my mother couldn’t see over the dashboard when she drove it.  Was this a smart, economical, low-maintenance buying decision or a bad buying decision?

My smartphone has been on life-support for a year and a half.  It finally expired last month.  I’ve written many a blog post with that thing from hospital rooms and such, and I truly miss its functionality.  I am now using a “feature” phone; “feature” being an industry term meaning ‘without features.’  It’s a clamshell-style (flip open) phone with number buttons and very little else.  It isn’t even adequate as a cellphone, much less as a smartphone.

So, I studied Consumer Reports and CNet and several other credible sources.  I did my due diligence and I made a buying decision: I’m going to buy an HTC ThunderBolt.

I’ve made a decision to buy a smartphone that doesn’t exist!

But wait.  It gets worse.

Verizon and HTC are keeping the ThunderBolt‘s launch date under wraps.  It could be next Monday, or next Thursday or the following Monday.  Maybe it will be sometime in the first quarter – the only target officially announced by either company.

The techie blogosphere is buzzing about the device eager to get its digital claws on this latest marvel of smart-phonery.  But they’re frustrated because they don’t know when it’ll be in the stores.  Silly techies…aren’t there more important things in this world to be frustrated about?

The problem is I’m one of them.  Yes, I’ve joined the ranks of the early innovators.  I’ve been calling Verizon every other day to see when they’ll be taking pre-orders and/or when the ThunderBolt will arrive in stores.

Silly me.  Don’t I know there are more important things in this world to be anxious about?

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